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The Lightning Ceremony™

The Fastest...                    

The Cheapest...
                     The Easiest...

way to get married in South Jersey!

Anne Marie & Courtney got married! #just
What is The Lightning Ceremony?

The Lightning Ceremony™ is our super-simple, no-frills, no-stress, no-planning wedding package. You'll meet your officiant who will ask the important question, sign your marriage license and you'll be on your way. It's as fast as lightning... well, almost.

Bring only two guest witnesses.  There's no need for tuxedos or wedding dresses. The appointment typically takes just ten minutes.

Congrats Brittany & Victor!! #justmarrie
When? Where?

Evening appointments are available on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Common Grounds Coffeehouse

205 West Clinton Avenue

Oaklyn, New Jersey

Lindsey & Chris are husband and wife!! #
What about the license?

Marriage license applications are processed at the Vital Statistics office on the municipal level in New Jersey. South Jersey Wedding Pros will provide everything you need to complete the process, including instructions and forms immediately after your reservation has been paid and confirmed. New Jersey residents will apply for their license in their home township. Non-Residents who select this package will need to apply at the Oaklyn Borough Hall.

Rosemary & Kevin took the plunge! They’r
What do we need to do?

It's pretty simple:

  • Book an appointment.

  • Watch your email for the service proposal and invoice.

  • Get a marriage license.

  • Get married!

Congrats Franny & Claudio! You did it! #
How Much?


Optional Witness Service:  Add $100

Quick and easy doesn't have to be boring
And the waiting period?

New Jersey law mandates a 72 hour waiting period after you have applied for your marriage license. Use the details below to know how soon you can get married:

  • Already have a license? You can be married at our first available appointment.

  • Apply Monday, pick-up license Thursday.

  • Apply Tuesday, pick-up license Friday.

  • Apply Wednesday, pick-up license Monday.

  • Apply Thursday, pick-up license Monday.

  • Apply Friday, pick-up license Monday.

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