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Making Dreams Come True

I'm the director, manager, scheduler, secretary, accountant, photographer, and just about everything else for South Jersey Wedding Pros!

Actually, the only thing I don't do is officiate weddings! ​I have the pleasure to work with the awesome officiants that you see below. I work behind the scenes to make sure your big day is everything that you hope it will be. No matter which officiant you work with, I'll be right there with you the entire way.

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Simple doesn't have to be boring.

Sure, you might be eloping because you don't want the stress and expense of a big wedding. We get that. We also get that this is still YOUR WEDDING. Simple doesn't have to be boring, and it doesn't have to be under the florescent lights of a courtroom.


I listen.

When I’m not presiding over wedding ceremonies, I have a private therapy practice where I specialize in mindfulness meditation and supporting families and individuals create deeper, more meaningful connections in their lives.  And that means I listen.  I really listen to what you want for your most special day. And when the day arrives I will wrangle relatives and corral the crowd so things go just as you imagined they would.

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Nothing less than spectacular.

Some couples elope for health insurance purposes, some because they can't afford a huge wedding. Whatever your reasons, you're going to make some of the most important promises that you'll ever make. Who says it can't be anything less than spectacular? Btw, spectacular doesn't have to cost $20k either.

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