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What services do you offer?

You may be familiar with the term Justice of the Peace. Technically, this position doesn't exist in New Jersey. However, our services offer what you would expect from going to a Justice of the Peace.


We are a team of professional wedding ceremony officiants and photographers that will guide you through the process of having a legal elopement ceremony We will provide you with forms and instructions for obtaining your marriage license. We'll also file your completed marriage license for you.


We also offer optional photography services designed to capture your big day and to help keep you on budget. If you're planning a very small private or secret ceremony, we can assist you by providing the required witnesses.

Is a marriage license required?

Only if you wish to be legally married. A marriage license is not required if you plan to have a symbolic commitment ceremony or a vow renewal for your existing marriage.

How long is the ceremony?

The length of the ceremony will depend on the service level that you select. Generally, a private elopement ceremony will be much shorter than a gold elopement ceremony. The length of the ceremony will also depend on your wishes. Generally speaking, the ceremony can range from five to thirty minutes in length. Keep in mind that there are no requirements. If you have a preference, all you have to do is let us know.

Can we include our kids?

Absolutely! We're happy to include elements that will incorporate your children into the ceremony. They're a huge part of your life, and it's only right that they be part of your wedding ceremony too.

Can we include our pets?

Sit. Stay? No no no, I said Stay!

We would love to see your furry friends at your wedding ceremony! You're certainly welcomed to bring them along. Keep in mind the only limitations will be based on the location/venue of your wedding ceremony. Your officiant will not limit your pets from attending.

Do you offer hotel reservations?

Sorry, we are not able to assist you with lodging. South Jersey Wedding Pros services are limited to your ceremony, photography, seating rentals, arch rentals, and floral services.

Do you offer same-sex marriage?

Isn't it awful that you feel the need to ask this question? At South Jersey Wedding Pros, there is no room in our lives for discrimination of any kind. Our requirements are simple. You must answer YES to both of the following questions:
          -Do you love each other?

          -Do you want to get married?


By the way, we don't use terms like gay marriage or same-sex marriage.

You don't live in a gay house or drive a gay car. So we want you to call it what it is... you know... MARRIAGE!

Can we apply for our marriage license online or by mail?

Unfortunately, you can not. The only way to apply for a marriage license in New Jersey is in person, at the Registrar's office, during normal business hours. You can learn all about the marriage licensing process here.

Can we avoid the 72 hour waiting period?

Yes, but only by the order of a Superior Court Judge. This is not a simple and quick process. We strongly advise that you should only seek this route in the case of an EXTREME emergency. Saying, 'I forgot' will normally not constitute an emergency.

Do we really need witnesses?

If you're planning to be legally married in New Jersey, witnesses will be required. You'll need one witness with you at City Hall when you apply for your marriage license. On the day of the ceremony, you'll need two adult witnesses to sign off on your marriage license. This is in addition to your officiants signature.


If needed, we are available to assist you with the two witnesses needed at the ceremony. Unfortunately, we can not assist with witnessing your marriage license application. At application, your witnesses will need to testify, under oath, that he/she knows of no reason why the two of you can not be legally married.

Do you offer services in Spanish?

Sorry, not at this time.


All of our officiants offer wedding ceremonies in English only.

Is the ceremony religious?

That is completely up to you. We offer non-denominational ceremonies and secular (non-religious) ceremonies too. Just let us know what you prefer.

Can we have a secret wedding?

A secret wedding! Can we make a secret handshake too? We're kidding....

We promise not to tell anyone, except the State of New Jersey. You know, that whole marriage license thing...

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