Get Married by Video Chat!

The current COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the way that we do things, and that includes weddings too. Unfortunately, many couples have been forced to cancel or postpone their big wedding dreams in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

From March 15 through May 2, getting married in New Jersey was practically impossible. Now, after much pressure from New Jersey residents, the option to be married virtually by video chat has (temporarily) arrived.

For these reasons, South Jersey Officiants has created an all-inclusive virtual wedding ceremony package. You will receive EVERYTHING that you need to navigate through the process, as well as the support to answer all of your questions.


  • You'll receive complete guidance to navigate the marriage license process. We'll collect the info and complete the forms FOR you so you'll avoid common errors. You'll request an appointment with your local Registrar. Some townships are processing applications face-to-face, while some are only offering video-chat appointments. Either way, we'll be here to support you.

  • Two legal witnesses will be needed for your virtual ceremony. We're going to make this easy by providing the legal witnesses for you. This will remove the need for fax machines or snail mail to collect signatures. You can still have your loved ones included in the virtual ceremony feed, but they won't need to be legal signatory witnesses.

  • SJO will complete all of the license paperwork and file it with the State of New Jersey.

  • A marriage certificate document provides legal proof of your marriage, and these are not automatically issued in New Jersey. We'll take care of this step for you too, including the fees. You will receive your official marriage certificate by mail, about two-three weeks after your appointment.


Easy to Follow Instructions

Pre-Completed Forms to submit to your local  Clerk

Ceremony Witness Service

10 Participant Links for Friends to join in.

Legal Marriage Certificate by mail.


Elopement Ceremonies from the Capital to the Cape.


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