Are you planning a destination wedding?

Consider getting legally married here in New Jersey first. You'll save yourself a whole lot of headache.

Are you planning a wedding in a beautiful foreign land? If so, we don't blame you, and in fact, we're a little jealous.

Before you consider getting married in Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Jamacia, or Aruba, you should first consider the marriage requirements and laws of that country. Many foreign countries will require you to be a temporary resident before allowing you to marry there. Some countries will require extensive medical examination and testing including physicals, blood work and even chest x-rays.

If you do get legally married in a foreign country, you may also incur an additional expense to have your marriage recognized here in the United States. For example, if you get married in Mexico, your marriage certificate (while perfectly legal), will be completely in Spanish. In order for your marriage documents to be acceptable for registration here, you'll have to pay additional costs to have your documents translated into English. This can only be done by an approved and certified translation service, typically with a hefty price.

     before you run off to A tropical beach in Saint Lucia...

          consider having your legal marriage ceremony in New Jersey first.

We offer an extremely simple elopement package at just $150. There's no fuss and no major planning necessary. You can even do this secretly so that your friends and family members won't know. Afterwards, you can run off to that tropical island and have your public wedding ceremony without the hassle and stress of crazy paperwork.

You'll save yourself a whole lot of headache. Plus, you'll get to celebrate two wedding anniversaries!



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