The Lightning Ceremony is our super-simple, no-frills, no-stress, no-planning wedding package. You'll meet your officiant who will ask the important question, sign your marriage license and you'll be on your way. It's almost as quick as lightning.

Please note that this option does not include ceremony formalities that you would expect in a wedding ceremony. You're permitted to bring only two adults witnesses.  The Lightning Ceremony is the absolute minimum for your marriage to be confirmed and registered with the State of New Jersey. There's no need for tuxedos or wedding dresses. The appointment typically takes just ten minutes.


It's pretty simple:

  • Book an appointment using the calendar below.

  • Watch your email for the service agreement and invoice.

  • Get a marriage license (more info on that below).

  • At the appointment time, bring two adult guests to act as legal witnesses for your marriage license.
    Don't have two witnesses? That's ok, we can help.


Where:                        Common Grounds Coffeehouse, West Clinton Ave, Oaklyn.

When:                         Tuesday evening or Saturday morning.

How Much:                  Tuesday Evening - $150
                                  Saturday Morning - $185

Optional Add-on:          Tuesday Witness Service - $80
                                  Saturday Witness Service - $110
                                  Proof of Marriage Documents by mail - $40


what about the marriage license?

Marriage license applications are processed at the Vital Statistics office on the municipal level in New Jersey. South Jersey Officiants will provide the forms and instructions immediately after your appointment has been set. New Jersey residents will apply for their license in their home township. Non-Residents who elect the Sign & Drive package must apply at the Oaklyn Borough Hall.

A $28 fee is paid to the township at the time of your application. When applying, you'll also need to bring one adult witness with you. We're sorry but South Jersey Officiants is not able to assist with the witness needed when you apply, as this witness must be personally known to you.

  • Lots of folks worry about this witness, especially those who are trying to remain discreet. If this is your case, we suggest asking a co-worker or neighbor to act as your witness for you. At the time of your application, the witness will be asked to provide his/her name and address, along with a sworn statement that he/she knows of no reason why you can not be legally wed to each other.

Ready to book your Lightning Ceremony? Great! Don't forget that there is a 72 hour waiting period for a marriage license in New Jersey. Use the following chart to know when you can pick up your marriage license from the municipal office.

  • Already have a license? You can be married at our first available appointment.
  • Apply on Monday, pick-up your license on Thursday.
  • Apply on Tuesday, pick-up your license on Friday.
  • * Apply on Wednesday, pick-up your license on Monday.
  • * Apply on Thursday, pick-up your license on Monday.
  • * Apply on Friday, pick-up your license on Monday.

*If your waiting period completes over a weekend, you'll have to wait until Monday to pick-up your license. Vital Statistics is a governmental office that is closed on weekends and holidays.  

Lightning Ceremony
(previously known as the Sign & Drive Elopement)

The Fastest...      The Cheapest...     The Easiest...
way to get married in South Jersey

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